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  • photography by jackie cooper

    * overseas between 26th may and 6th july*
    * next manly market 11th july*

    i'm a portrait photographer based in manly (sydney) australia. i photograph maternity, baby, kids, families, dogs and just recently started photographing weddings.

    if you are interested in family photography click on PORTRAITS above to see examples of my work.

    if you are interested in weddings click on WEDDINGS, and if you want photos of your dog then go over to my dog blog

    session information and pricing can be found under INFO.

    i am an emerging member of the australian institute of professional photography (aipp).

    are you on facebook? if so why not become a fan of jackie cooper photography to get the latest news


    0415 120 296

cats | sydney pet photography

my friends cat, isn’t she gorgeous, i’m so not a cat person, but shes lovely and she allowed me to take a few pictures of her!




artwork | fine art photographer

i’m justing starting to create an artwork page, which will list some of the artwork i am selling, its a bit of a work in progress, i think it will take a while to go through all my images. at the moment the best place to buy is manly arts and craft market, i am there most sundays, and if you are not local then you can get prints, canvas or framed prints from my REDBUBBLE site. i’m also contacting a few local shops to see if they will stock my photo blocks, so very exciting.

here are a few of my favourite images that i put on the blocks, and they look stunning! these are also available as matted prints, which look gorgeous with a white frame.



wordless wednesday | reflections


baby number one | sydney baby photography

photographed another gorgeous baby last week, he didn’t sleep very much, but was happy enough to lie there while i took pictures, he was quite expressive too! he loved being in either mum or dads though, hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak.





wordless wednesday | self portrait


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